Week 10: Happy Hump Day!

You’re halfway through one of the hardest weeks of the quarter! If your week is going anything like mine I’m sure you have begun to feel really groggy from the lack of sleep and excessive junk food because, naturally, when times get tough there’s nothing a warm chocolate chip cookie can’t fix. I’m here to tell you that sweets will not solve all your problems for more than a couple minutes. My recommendation to cure all your problems (or at least some of them) is to start by making a huge colorful fruit salad. This will satisfy your sugar craving without the normal crash that chocolate would give you. Here’s a great recipe I found on All Recipes!



My second recommendation is to go on a walk. Exercise helps improve your attention span, reduce your stress, and help you sleep better; all of which need to happen if you’re going to make it through the week. Getting active also just makes you feel better because your body releases endorphins. So what are you waiting for?  Gobble down that fruit salad, go for a walk, and ace that final!




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