Week 10: Need Some Inspiration?

It is day two of Dead Week. I’m still going strong but I kind of feel like I’m drowning in homework. Turns out having a fun, care-free Thanksgiving break did not do me much good. I currently should be working through 3 papers, reading 2 books, building a sculpture and creating a website. Instead I feel exhausted and uninspired sitting in the library staring at a blank wall. I know what you’re thinking- I came here to get some inspiration what’s with the depressing introduction? I bring all this up because I’m sure many of you are going through this same thing at the moment. Ideally the perfect solution to this problem would be to go on an adventure. I find that whenever I’m feeling uninspired grabbing my camera, changing my surroundings, and going to take some photos can get the blood flowing to my brain again. Last week when I was feeling brain dead I found that a trip to the top of the Columbia Tower was just what I needed!


I highly recommend making the trip up there. Here’s their website:




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