Guest Speaker: Colin Lingle

It was an absolute pleasure to hear from Colin Lingle last week. He is an expert in social media journalism and marketing. He prepared a great presentation where he discussed some of the history of journalism and the history of his career.

The first take-away I got from Colin is that it is essential that anyone in the journalism field nowadays be capable of using social media effectively. When Colin asked our class how we get our news almost all of us said we get a lot of our news from social media platforms. Another take-away I got from Colin is that it is possible to tailor your job in journalism to something specific you are passionate about. Colin is running the Knights of Saint Francis’s twitter account at the moment. They are trying raise awareness of climate change. For me personally, I think this would be a super fun job because it combines journalism and environmental protection. A final take-away I got from Colin is that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what your doing, it matters who you’re doing it with. One of his favorite jobs was when he was living in New York with his friends and making a website about a superhero giving relationship advice. Crazy as it sounds he was getting paid to hang out with his friends and create something he cared about.


I really enjoyed hearing Colin speak. He is the perfect example of the idea that journalism can take you anywhere and help you do anything.


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