SND On Air and SND Dashboard

Sydney and Matt

  1. Social News Desk
  2. Social News Desk creates comprehensive tools to manage news on social media. Dashboard provides updates from all different sources pertaining to news. On air is a Curation of different social media posts that you can stylize yourself to make your own brand. Campaigns can help you promote, sell, and advertise.
  3. This product would be useful to our newsroom because so many people receive their news from social media nowadays.
  4. We tried to contact them but found no information on their price. We would strongly consider buying this product. A benefit to Social News Desk is that they have 3 great products that work together. If we were to buy from  other companies we would have to manage them ourselves. SND has ease of access.
  5. Curata is a program similar to ours and costs $500-$999 a month. The Breaking News App is also a similar product and it is free.
  6. dashboardon aircurate

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