Travis Mayfield Visit

Recently Travis Mayfield, the Director of Digital Strategy for Tribune Media in Seattle and Portland, stopped by class to talk to us about his job and his journey to get to where he is today. Travis is an extremely interesting guy and on top of all his experience in the field he is also part of the Q13 FOX team.

The first thing I took away from Travis’s visit was to not fear the tech. This seems as if it could be directed more towards the older generation but I think it is relevant for people of any age. Even though I am growing up in an age where technology is thriving I still find myself dragging my feet when hopping on the bandwagon for the “next big thing”. It is best to face new technology head on and to be at the fore front of the discovery, not the last one to know. The second take away I got from Travis’s visit was to know what resonates with your audience. As Travis mentioned journalists are no longer on top of a hill shouting the news down to us. Now a days journalists are in the mix of everything. With all the news sources available to viewers if your story isn’t relatable your viewers will find somewhere else to get their news. The last and most important take away I got from Travis’s presentation was to pick a job you love. You could see the passion in his eyes when he was discussing his job. He can genuinely say he loves what he does. Just like he said, “If your job doesn’t make you feel something every 6 months it’s time to find a new job”.

I really enjoyed hearing Travis’s thoughts on modern day journalism. I am extremely interested in graphic design and the digital side of journalism so I thought what he had to say was particularly awesome.


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