Frank Mina

Frank Mina is the design director for the Seattle Times and he came in to speak to our class last Thursday. He discussed his job and how he got to be where he is today.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Frank’s talk with us was that his journey to his current job wasn’t just a straight shot. He went through many other jobs such as deputy managing editor at San Francisco Chronicle. He didn’t just rocket straight to this prestigious position. That is not how life works. Another thing is it was really inspiring to hear that he left a job that was going really well for him in order to keep learning about his field. In order to be successful in any field you have to want to discover new things. A final take away that I got from this speaker was that it is important to be flexible and constantly able to adapt to new technology. Paper news is quickly on the way out and if you don’t know how to be a writer in the digital space you won’t survive in journalism.

Overall I really enjoyed Frank’s visit to our class! It was extremely informative and gave a look as to what it would be like to work in this industry. I love anything design oriented so I found his job extremely interesting.


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