Breaking News Field Trip

I had a fantastic time at Breaking News last Thursday. Thomas Brew is an editor at Breaking News and he showed us around. I found it extremely beneficial to get to see the ins and outs of a news room; especially one based around social media.

The first take away that I got from this trip was that print media is on it’s death bed. Due to the fact that roughly two thirds of Americans own smart phones print media is becoming less necessary and more of a hassle for readers. Print media is also harder and more costly to distribute. Another take away I got from this trip is that we as readers are overwhelmed with a huge number of news stories. We have access to more information than ever with a greater ease of access than ever. At the same time this can be overwhelming and at times even annoying. My third, and last take away that I got from this trip was that when applying to internships at news stations it matters to care about news. They want to hire people who are passionate about current events and people who want to contribute in a positive way.

I got the app and do enjoy it. It is extremely comprehensive and I love that it can be customized to fit my personal interests. On the other hand I already have many other news outlets I turn to when looking for news. I already have my news routine so to speak. Only time will tell if I decide to start using the Breaking News app consistently.

I learned a lot during our behind the scenes tour of Breaking News. There are so many different details that never cross my mind when thinking about how I get my news. It was nice to hear about how they pick out news worthy stories and how that news is distributed to their audience in such a unique format.


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