Design Challenge Response

This design challenge brought me back to the creative years of elementary school; I absolutely loved it. Sometimes as a culture we have a tendency to think in an “everything has already been done” kind of way. With the ever-changing technology that we have at our finger tips there is no reason to think like this. We could each potentially be one idea, one amazing thought away from the next big thing in the world of media outlets. This challenged me to throw to the side any and all thoughts of failure and i believe that is what it takes to make it in the creative fields. If you are constantly worried about failing you are not going to make anything amazing. I’m sure people laughed in Bill Gates’s face when he shared his crazy ideas. It’s like that famous quote; “if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough”. I really enjoyed the pace because it gave me the ability to work without worry. There was no chance to second guess myself because i was to busy trying to get my ideas down on paper.

To have a bias-toward-action means to favor action over simply ideas. I think that it is a great quality to have a bias-toward-action attitude. Iterative to me means having he ability to do something over and over without fear of failure.

Working with a partner changed the direction of my project in big ways. We all have general traits that our perfect media outlet would have but hearing about others most important traits changes your priorities in the design process. Empathy helps you to look at the design in a less selfish way; yes I may like that but what is important to others?

If I could go on with this process I would bring all of our classes best ideas together and take the best traits from those ideas to make an idea thats is more attractive to the general population. Our class had a lot of amazing ideas relating to hologram type things so i might go in that direction and continue to ask the class questions to further understand what is important to people when it comes to how they get their news.


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