Frank Mina

Frank Mina is the design director for the Seattle Times and he came in to speak to our class last Thursday. He discussed his job and how he got to be where he is today.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Frank’s talk with us was that his journey to his current job wasn’t just a straight shot. He went through many other jobs such as deputy managing editor at San Francisco Chronicle. He didn’t just rocket straight to this prestigious position. That is not how life works. Another thing is it was really inspiring to hear that he left a job that was going really well for him in order to keep learning about his field. In order to be successful in any field you have to want to discover new things. A final take away that I got from this speaker was that it is important to be flexible and constantly able to adapt to new technology. Paper news is quickly on the way out and if you don’t know how to be a writer in the digital space you won’t survive in journalism.

Overall I really enjoyed Frank’s visit to our class! It was extremely informative and gave a look as to what it would be like to work in this industry. I love anything design oriented so I found his job extremely interesting.


Breaking News Field Trip

I had a fantastic time at Breaking News last Thursday. Thomas Brew is an editor at Breaking News and he showed us around. I found it extremely beneficial to get to see the ins and outs of a news room; especially one based around social media.

The first take away that I got from this trip was that print media is on it’s death bed. Due to the fact that roughly two thirds of Americans own smart phones print media is becoming less necessary and more of a hassle for readers. Print media is also harder and more costly to distribute. Another take away I got from this trip is that we as readers are overwhelmed with a huge number of news stories. We have access to more information than ever with a greater ease of access than ever. At the same time this can be overwhelming and at times even annoying. My third, and last take away that I got from this trip was that when applying to internships at news stations it matters to care about news. They want to hire people who are passionate about current events and people who want to contribute in a positive way.

I got the app and do enjoy it. It is extremely comprehensive and I love that it can be customized to fit my personal interests. On the other hand I already have many other news outlets I turn to when looking for news. I already have my news routine so to speak. Only time will tell if I decide to start using the Breaking News app consistently.

I learned a lot during our behind the scenes tour of Breaking News. There are so many different details that never cross my mind when thinking about how I get my news. It was nice to hear about how they pick out news worthy stories and how that news is distributed to their audience in such a unique format.

Design Challenge Response

This design challenge brought me back to the creative years of elementary school; I absolutely loved it. Sometimes as a culture we have a tendency to think in an “everything has already been done” kind of way. With the ever-changing technology that we have at our finger tips there is no reason to think like this. We could each potentially be one idea, one amazing thought away from the next big thing in the world of media outlets. This challenged me to throw to the side any and all thoughts of failure and i believe that is what it takes to make it in the creative fields. If you are constantly worried about failing you are not going to make anything amazing. I’m sure people laughed in Bill Gates’s face when he shared his crazy ideas. It’s like that famous quote; “if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough”. I really enjoyed the pace because it gave me the ability to work without worry. There was no chance to second guess myself because i was to busy trying to get my ideas down on paper.

To have a bias-toward-action means to favor action over simply ideas. I think that it is a great quality to have a bias-toward-action attitude. Iterative to me means having he ability to do something over and over without fear of failure.

Working with a partner changed the direction of my project in big ways. We all have general traits that our perfect media outlet would have but hearing about others most important traits changes your priorities in the design process. Empathy helps you to look at the design in a less selfish way; yes I may like that but what is important to others?

If I could go on with this process I would bring all of our classes best ideas together and take the best traits from those ideas to make an idea thats is more attractive to the general population. Our class had a lot of amazing ideas relating to hologram type things so i might go in that direction and continue to ask the class questions to further understand what is important to people when it comes to how they get their news.

Take-it-Apart Assingment

Dear Mom,

I figured now would be as good a time as any to write to you about how school is going. The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I was walking around campus with Ashley when, out of the corner of my eye, this blue object began to glisten in the sun. Ashley dared me to go touch it so I did (I know I promised I wouldn’t give into peer pressure in college but it was just so tempting). Luckily the object didn’t hurt me or make any noise because I don’t know what I would have done. It was such a nice day that me and Ashely decided to sit on the grass and take a closer look at the device. Like I said, it was blue and about the size of one of your world famous brownies (it probably wouldn’t taste as good). There was a screen on it that almost resembled a dark mirror. We could see our reflections in it sometimes but they were faint. We were pretty disappointed when we found out that the 18 buttons on the thing DIDN’T EVEN WORK! HOW DUMB IS THAT?! I took off the back cover (or front cover I’m not quite sure) and it revealed a boring piece of metal and a weird circle that looks like the eye of the Terminator. Anyways things got pretty exciting when  I threw it to Ashley and it popped open revealing even more keys with weird looking symbols! They didn’t work either though which actually made me really angry. What is the point of this thing if the buttons on it didn’t work? Ashley was tired of hearing me whine so she grabbed a hammer that she keeps in her backpack for wood shop class and started smashing the thing. I didn’t really mind though. It did the same thing when it was smashed that it did when it was put together; nothing.

Your Dearest Daughter,