For my token assignment I edited the SPU Wikipedia Page. I added some notable alumni to our list.

This a before picture:

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and after picture:

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Week 10: IT’S OVER!

There were many points throughout this week where I was not sure if I was going to make it to this day. This has quite easily been the most stressful week of my life. With the help of good friends and handwork I managed to get through the week in one piece. Despite the fact that the quarter is not over and I still have a decent amount of work to do before going on break my mind can rest easy knowing that there are very few immediate stresses in my life as of this moment right now. Here is my last piece of advice to you: go enjoy yourself. It’s Friday and you just made it through a very busy week. Go watch a Christmas movie with some friends.


Top 20 Christmas Movies

Make some Christmas cookies (and eat all the cookie dough you want to). As a matter of fact eat whatever you want! (Ignore my previous advice that eating healthy improves your quality of life. Remember it’s Friday).


Do anything that will make you happy because sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to enjoy the ride.

Week 10: Comic Relief

Not sure how much more of Dead Week I can handle. With a presentation for my University Seminar class and a sculpture for my art class both due tomorrow I see no relief on the horizon. My brain no longer feels like it’s going to explode; it feels like mush. Campus lacks a certain cheerfulness that you assume it would have this time of year. Not as many smiles seem to be exchanged and it seems as if everyone is walking under a big, dark, cloud.

I have a solution! (You did’t think I was going to drag you all the way through that sad paragraph for nothing did you?) I have learned from an early age that there is nothing a little laughing can’t fix! Whenever I need a good laugh a turn to my favorite show of all time:






Here is IMDb list of most popular comedy TV Series! Take a look!

Week 10: Happy Hump Day!

You’re halfway through one of the hardest weeks of the quarter! If your week is going anything like mine I’m sure you have begun to feel really groggy from the lack of sleep and excessive junk food because, naturally, when times get tough there’s nothing a warm chocolate chip cookie can’t fix. I’m here to tell you that sweets will not solve all your problems for more than a couple minutes. My recommendation to cure all your problems (or at least some of them) is to start by making a huge colorful fruit salad. This will satisfy your sugar craving without the normal crash that chocolate would give you. Here’s a great recipe I found on All Recipes!



My second recommendation is to go on a walk. Exercise helps improve your attention span, reduce your stress, and help you sleep better; all of which need to happen if you’re going to make it through the week. Getting active also just makes you feel better because your body releases endorphins. So what are you waiting for?  Gobble down that fruit salad, go for a walk, and ace that final!



Week 10: Need Some Inspiration?

It is day two of Dead Week. I’m still going strong but I kind of feel like I’m drowning in homework. Turns out having a fun, care-free Thanksgiving break did not do me much good. I currently should be working through 3 papers, reading 2 books, building a sculpture and creating a website. Instead I feel exhausted and uninspired sitting in the library staring at a blank wall. I know what you’re thinking- I came here to get some inspiration what’s with the depressing introduction? I bring all this up because I’m sure many of you are going through this same thing at the moment. Ideally the perfect solution to this problem would be to go on an adventure. I find that whenever I’m feeling uninspired grabbing my camera, changing my surroundings, and going to take some photos can get the blood flowing to my brain again. Last week when I was feeling brain dead I found that a trip to the top of the Columbia Tower was just what I needed!


I highly recommend making the trip up there. Here’s their website:


Week 10: The Final Push

As a freshman at SPU I have heard plenty about the infamous Week 10 aka Dead Week. Academically, more is expected from you than ever, but the Christmas season has also just begun. Deep down all you want to do is throw on the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find and gather your friends to go take Santa pictures. Sadly, life is not that easy during week 10.







So to make your life a little easier and as a way to take my mind off of all the pressing deadlines sloshing around in my head I am going to make a blog post each night this week with tips on how to get through this week without going completely insane. I do believe that it is possible to enjoy Week 10 with all the good and bad it has to offer. My first tip is to take that study break that you keep thinking you don’t have time for. Mine involved a little trip downtown and a Peppermint Mocha.


Here’s a link to a post that Seattle Eater did on the best coffee shops in Seattle! Take that break. You deserve it!